Futur Archaïque - Mudac

Collective exhibition
25.10.2015 - 28.02.2016
Lausanne, Switzerland

Neolithic, II Collection will be presented at Mudac, in the occasion of the Futur Archaïque exhibition.


New project
October, 2015

RITUALS is a collection of candle holders made with a single ultra-thin sheet of copper.

Each piece is thought of as a unique robe to dress a commonly used industrial product.


Collective exhibition
17-27 of September, 2015
Lugano, Switzerland

I've been invited to participate to the exhibition Artificio.
The event will be held in Lugano (Switzerland) for the opening of the town's new cultural center.

Futur Archaïque

Collective exhibition
25th of January - 19th of April 2015
Hornu, Belgium

NEOLITHIC, II COLLECTION is presented at the Musée du Grand Hornu in Belgium during the Futur Archaïque.

The exhibition, curated by Yves Mirande, explores the link between past and future throughout contemporary design.



Candle holders
Personal project

Amazon bench


Giulio Parini

Le Suisse

Double posting desk
Personal project

Giulio Parini

Neolithic, II collection

Multiuse container / fruit bowl / candelholder
edited by Haptein

Giulio Parini

Brass ensemble

Table lamp / standing lamp
Personal project

Giulio Parini

Zoppi's house

Private kitchen

Giulio Parini

Glass type

Experimentation on glass

Giulio Parini

Couro vegetal

Pencil case / laptop case / folder
Edited by Straat

Giulio Parini

The gardener's choice chair


Tensor voting

Shelf system

Giulio Parini

Zen tools

Personal project

Live and work between
Paris and Lugano,


Born in 1984 in Lugano, Switzerland.
2008 - Industrial design bachelor degree at NABA (Milan_I)
2012 - Product design master degree at ECAL (Lausanne_CH)

Currently working as a freelance into the architectural and design field, and constantly developing independent projects.

Exhibitions: Musée du Grand Hornu (Belgium), Depot Basel in the occasion of the exhibition art and craft during the Art Basel fair, in Milan during the Salone del Mobile 2010 / 2012 and in the renowned gallery of London, the Gallery Libby Sellers.
Honors and Award: 2012 Prix Odette Steinmann, internal price of ECAL for the best thesis of the year, Wallpaper* graduate directory, worldwide selection of 20 diploma projects honorables of publication.